Vintage Electronics Auction


100 Lot Fast Pace Vintage Electronics Auction After Fall Brookline Radio Show

Saturday September 25, 2021 12 noon-1pm Inside Brookline Auction Gallery Main Hall

 This is a Group of 100 lots belonging to NEVEC “Overcollector” Charlie Perkett. There is no junk here. These 100 lots were handpicked by Bruce Phillips and Tom Scarpelli, and will make an excellent auction. All Items are untested and sold as is.

  • Over 70 radio lots ranging from 1920s sets to tombstones to table sets to transistors to European sets. 

  • 18 Short Wave Receiver lots by Hallicrafters, National, and others. 

  • 6 Heathkit Ham Transceivers Lots

  • 3 Unique Tube Televisions (with clocks, channel 1, etc.)

  • Drug Store Tube Tester

  • Pair ½” Sony Videocorder with 2 boxes of tapes